Cancer in Canines

Cancer is the leading natural cause of death in dogs. Studies show that 50% of all dogs will be affected by some form of cancer in their lifetime, and 80% of dogs age 10 and older will die from cancer. The most common forms of canine cancer are :

• Skin
• Bone
• Lymphoma
• Connective tissue
• Breast
• Oral

Studies of canines’ cancers reveal :

Dogs have 35 times the occurrence of skin cancer as humans
Dogs have 8 times the occurrence of bone cancer as humans
Dogs have 4 times the occurrence of breast tumors as humans
Dogs have 2 times the occurrence of leukemia as humans

Although these statistics are daunting for our furry best friends, we can work to improve their odds against cancer. There are the basic risk factors or carcinogens that can be avoided to lower the risk of the development of cancer. Known and suspected carcinogens include :

• insecticides / herbicides
• second-hand smoke
• radiation exposure
• certain viruses
• genes/improper breeding
• over/unnecessary vaccinations
• chemical additives and preservatives in food